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Friends of St Mary The Virgin Church, Ipsden
Registered Charity No. 1164182

Ipsden Church Friends

Ipsden Friends has been set up to reach out to those across the world, whether churchgoers or not, for whom Ipsden has a special place in their hearts, through having friends, relatives or personal experience of being born, baptized, married, lived or buried here. The aim is to open up and develop Ipsden church and churchyard for the benefit of the community.

Ipsden Friends is in the process of developing their own, dedicated website. A link will appear here as soon as the website becomes ‘live’.

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Why become a Friend

If you become an Ipsden Friend you will be supporting the ongoing maintenance and repairs of the Church on a long term basis and also to make the Church a centre for community use and not just for Church worship

Membership is open to everyone. We have set a minimum annual subscription (1 January to 31 December) of £10 for individual membership or £15 for a household membership. (Concessions are available if you join partway through the year). The benefits that you will receive as a member are:

- Ability to be a candidate for election to the Ipsden Friends Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”), held in August each year
- Ability to vote for the Executive Committee election, project and fund raising proposals at the AGM.
- Newsletters
- Invitation to an annual Ipsden Friends Lunch in Ipsden and other fund raising events
- Help with information on Ipsden contacts; past and present.
- Being proactively advised on the current state of relatives graves and advice on maintenance and repairs when needed.
- Access to a directory of Ipsden Friends (subject to Data Protection Act)

The objective of The Friends of St Mary the Virgin Church, Ipsden (“The Society”), is to reach out to those across the world, whether Church-goers or not, for whom Ipsden has a special place in their hearts, through having friends, relatives or personal experience of being born, baptised, married, lived or buried here, to help us with our responsibilities by:
• raising funds to be used exclusively for the conservation, embellishment and maintenance of Ipsden Church, through PCC approved projects
• maintaining our Church’s independent state, and
• enhancing and preserving its use for the wider community now and for generations to come

To realise these objectives, the elected Executive Committee collects, stores and uses its own representatives end user data, including names, email, home addresses and phone numbers and those of other stakeholders, in both hard and soft copy form, including, but not limited to, for the following purposes:
• Keeping Members and Honorary Members informed of events and activities; canvassing their help and
support with events; invitations to the AGM and to make decisions on proposed projects and expenditure
• Communicating with Stallholders and Performers on fund raising events and invitations to take part and administration of this
• Communicating with members of the Ipsden PCC and other Church of England representatives on proposed projects, decisions
required on these and status updates
• Communicating with Professionals including our Banks, Grant and other Fund Raising Bodies, Architects, Builders, Local Council Officers for the funding design, permissions and development of building works

In accordance with the GDPR obligations, the Executive Committee will:
• Assign responsibility for data protection to the Chairperson
• Publish this policy on The Society’s website and communicate it to End Users via a URL to that website and/or by email copy
• Only collect, store and use End User data in accordance with the above Objectives
• Seek consent from End Users for the collection, storage and processing of their data
• Delete End User Data if there has been no communication either way with an individual for 3 years or if an individual End User requests in writing the deletion of their data
• Limit access of the End User data to Executive Committee representatives necessary to perform their duties
• If required to share End User data with appointed Suppliers, provide only the minimum required to execute their duties and ensure they are bound by a data protection and security agreement
• Not share End User data with other third parties

In the event that a breach of End User data breach occurs, the Chairperson will report this breach to the UK Information Commissioners Office within 72 hours of becoming aware of this issue.
The Friends Constitution

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