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Local Businesses in Ipsden include:

Alexander's of Ipsden (Interior Design and Furnishings)
The Old Barn, Crossways, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AF
Tel: 01491 839958
CLICK HERE to go to Alexander's web site for further information

Blue Tin Produce (Farm Shop)
Keepers Cottage, Garsons Farm, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6QU
Tel: 01491 681145
CLICK HERE to go to Blue Tin Produce's web site for further information

Complete Grain Care (Grain store services and suppliers)
Icknield Farm, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AS
Tel: 01491 682579 Fax: 01491 681272

Early Days Nursery School
The Old School, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AJ
Tel: 01491 681101
CLICK HERE to go to Early Days web site for further information

Ipsden Post Office and Stores
The Street, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AG
Tel: 01491 680262

Ipsden Taxi
Tel: 01491 680863 Mob: 07894 994047

Ipsden Woodcraft (Repairing and restoring antiques)
The Street, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AG
Tel and Fax: 01491 680262

King William Pub
Hailey, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AD
Tel: 01491 681845
CLICK HERE to go to The King William's web site

Pea Green Projects (Handyman sevice)
David Kelley, 2 Crabtree Cottages, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AQ
Tel: 07762 566195
CLICK HERE to go to David's web site

McScaff Scaffolding (Scaffolding services)
Icknield Farm, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AS
Tel: 01491 200363 / 07922 171142

SCM (Property Maintenance, Design and Build)
Crossways, Ipsden, Wallingford, OX10 6AF
Tel: 0845 533 3538
CLICK HERE to go to SCM's web site for further information

Web Links

Alexander's (Interior design) - http://www.alexandersofipsden.co.uk
Blue Tin Produce (Farm Shop) - http://www.bluetinproduce.co.uk
Braziers Park (College community) - http://www.braziers.org.uk
Checkendon (neighbouring village) - http://www.checkendon.org
Checkendon Primary School - http://www.checkendonschool.co.uk
Crowmarsh Gifford Community Site (neighbouring village) - http://www.crowmarshgifford.org.uk
Crowmarsh Primary School - http://www.crowmarshgiffordprimary.com
Early Days Nursery School - http://www.earlydays-nursery.co.uk
Goring Gap News (neighbouring village and area magazine) - http://www.goring-gap.co.uk
Ipsden Cricket Club - http://www.ipsdencc.co.uk
Ipsden Watch Blogspot - http://www.ipsdenwatch.blogspot.com
King William Pub - http://www.kingwilliamhailey.co.uk
Langtree Secondary School - http://www.langtree.oxon.sch.uk
McLeod Cabins (portable cabins) - http://www.mcleodcabins.co.uk
Norman R Cox & Partners (timber and fencing) - http://www.normancox.co.uk
Millstream Surgery - http://www.millstreamsurgery.nhs.uk
Oratory Prep School - http://www.oratoryprep.co.uk
Oratory School - http://www.oratory.co.uk
Oxfordshire County Council - http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk
Pea Green Projects (Handyman services) - http://peagreenprojects.co.uk
St Mary's Church, Ipsden - http://www.langtreechurches.org/locations/st-marys-church-ipsden/
SCM (property maintenance) - http://www.scmgroup.org.uk
South Oxfordshire District Council - http://www.southoxon.gov.uk
Stoke Row (neighbouring village) - http://www.stokerow.net
Stoke Row Primary School - http://www.stoke-row-school.co.uk
Stoke Row Steam Rally - http://www.stokerowsteamrally.com
Wallingford (neighbouring town) - http://www.wallingford.co.uk
Wallingford Medical Practice-http://www.wallingfordmedicalpractice.co.uk
Wallingford School - http://www.wallingford.oxon.sch.uk
Window Magazine Editor (email the editor) - ipsdenwindow@live.co.uk
Woodcote (neighbouring village) - http://www.woodcote-online.co.uk
Woodcote Medical Practice - http://www.goringwoodcotemedicalpractice.nhs.uk
Woodcote Conservation Group (area conservation) - http://www.woodcotecg.org.uk